City Lights opened its doors in September 1991 on the ground floor of a large office block near the I-5 freeway at Sea World Drive in San Diego. Founded by Brian Young, who had retired as the managing director of a prominent UK retail group, he, along with his wife Laura and 12-year-old son Spencer, moved from London to California. Initially motivated by the desire for occupation rather than financial gain, Brian envisioned a small seasonal retail store, which evolved into City Lights. Starting as a modest 1,000-square-foot space primarily featuring year-round Christmas items, the store quickly gained popularity. Spencer, joining the family business after college, played a crucial role in modernizing operations, launching an e-commerce website, and expanding the product lines. City Lights, now a thriving family business with a 40,000-square-foot space, emphasizes customer service, boasting over 34 employees and a commitment to making every customer feel special

All of your favorite Christmas & Collectible brands. Come see us in-store or shop online! Orders Ship Within 24 hrs.


(800) 262-5335


1212 Knoxville St.
San Diego, CA 92110


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