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To start selling Mark Roberts products, you must have an approved Mark Roberts sellers account. If you do not have a Sellers Account with us, please email the following information to onlineshowroom@mark-roberts.com

1. Scan copy of your Business License and/or Re-Sale Tax Certificate
2. Picture of your Storefront, including store signage
3. Your store's website URL; including a list of your store name on Amazon and/or
eBay (if any)

We will notify you by email if your application is approved.

When you receive confirmation of your approved Mark Roberts Sellers Account, you can now register for access on the wholesale website and/or register as a vendor on the marketplace..

Register for a wholesale account

Registering for access to the wholesale website means that you are able to view wholesale pricing information and purchase products online. Please submit the information above if you haven't done so.
Wholesale Account

Register as a vendor on the Marketplace

The marketplace is where current Mark Roberts retailers can sell Mark Roberts products to millions of online shoppers 24hrs a day, extending  your market reach and increasing your online visibility to consumers.
Marketplace Account
Do you need help or assistance? Contact us or call us at 1-800-745-9755
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