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Sellers Guide

The complete how-to's in navigating and operating your store in the marketplace
1. Getting Starteda. Mark Roberts Sellers Accountb. Wholesale website accessc. Marketplace online store access2. Navigating your online storea. Vendor dashboardb. Store Settings3. Adding Productsa. Product Datab. Shipping Cost4. Order Fulfillmenta. Processing an order
b. Order Notes and Tracking Numbers
c. Marking Orders as Fulfilled
5. Discontinue/Out of Stock Inventory6. Getting paidMarketplace fees
1. Getting Started
Welcome to the Mark Roberts marketplace! 

Please note that the wholesale website and the Mark Roberts marketplace are two different platforms serving two different purposes. The wholesale website grants access to wholesale price, quantity information, and online ordering of Mark Roberts products.  This site is exclusive to authorize re-sellers only and not to the general public.  

The Mark Roberts marketplace is a venue where both consumers and re-sellers can connect online.  The main goal of the Marketplace is to make it convenient for our consumers to purchase Mark Roberts products online to hundreds of local re-sellers.  Creating an online store within the marketplace is available to all authorize Mark Roberts re-sellers.
If having an online store is something you are interested in, this is the perfect platform for you. This sellers guide will help you get your online store running at the shortest time possible. 

a. Securing a Mark Roberts Sellers Account
All Mark Roberts products are sold only through authorize re-sellers.   If you do not have a re-sellers account, you need to submit the following documents to  so that an account number can be assigned to you.  

     1. Scan copy of your Business License and/or Re-Sale Tax Certificate
     2. Picture of your Storefront, including store signage
     3. Your store's website URL; including a list of your store name on Amazon and/or
eBay (if any)

You will be notified by email if your application is approved.

When you receive confirmation of your approved Mark Roberts Sellers Account, you can now register for access on the wholesale website.

*You can skip this process and proceed to part B if you already have a Mark Roberts sellers account or is currently a Mark Roberts re-seller
b. Wholesale Website Access
To be able to access wholesale price and quantity information, as well as purchase Mark Roberts product online, you need to register for access to our wholesale website.  Here are the steps to register for wholesale website access:

- Click on 'Vendor Registration' - this can be found at the footer of any webpage.

- Click on the 'Wholesale Website' button.

- Fill-out all the required information on the form

- Click 'Register' when your done.
*You can skip this process and proceed to part C if you already have access to the Mark Roberts wholesale website 
c. Marketplace online store access
To start selling within the marketplace, you need to register for an online store.  Here are the steps to register for an online store:

- Click on 'Vendor Registration' - this can be found at the footer of any webpage.

- Click on the 'Mark Roberts Marketplace' button.

- Fill-out all the required information on the form

- Click 'Register' when your done.
2. Navigating your online store
Once you have been granted access to the marketplace, you can access your online store by:

1. Click on 'Retailer Login' button on the homepage
2. Choose 'Login to my online store'
3. Type-in the username and password you created during the marketplace registration
4. Click on 'Vendor Dashboard' button
a. Vendor Dashboard
The dashboard is a where you will find a quick summary of your store's performance.  It will contain the following information:

a. Net Sales for the month
b. Commission earned for the month (commissions are the total amount collected (Retail Price+Shipping+Taxes) less the selling and administrative fees deducted by the marketplace.
c. Best Selling product for the month
d. Number of products awaiting fulfillment
e. number of products that are out of stock 
b. Store Setting
Vendors can configure settings in their own dashboard as they wish.  To make changes on your store settings just go to the Store settings tab from your dashboard.

In the store settings tab you may configure the following information:

  - Vendor Logo
  - Vendor Profile
  - Vendor Email - the email where all notifications will be sent for new orders or customer inquiries.
  - Paypal Email (for auto payment)
  - Time zone

3. Adding Products
a. Adding Products

  - Open your Vendor Dashboard
  - Click on the Products Tab> Add New

Complete all information in the following fields:

Product Name: Enter the name of your product

Product Data:
  - Set Prices
  - Set SKU (This is your store's SKU code)
  - Set Shipping Details such as weight, dimension, and shipping rules

    *Note: Shipping rules are your shipping cost from your store to destination(State)

  - Enter special instructions on shipping(if any) at the Custom Tabs

Product Categories

  - Choose a Parent Category and a sub-category


  - Under Product SKU, enter the Mark Roberts product SKU (NOT your store's product SKU)
  - City where your store is located
  - State where your store is located

Product Tags

  - enter the Mark Roberts SKU

Product short description

  - Enter a brief description of your product

When all information has been completed, save the document by clicking on the 'Submit for Review' button.

1. All products upload on your store must be first approved before getting published in the mark Roberts Marketplace.
2. If adding products to your store is a challenge contact us and we can help you upload the products to your store

b. Shipping Cost

The default global setting is set at 11.99 per lb with an incremental increase of $0.5 for every 0.5lbs.  For limited edition Faries and Elves, the shipping class rate is applied: Small - $10.99, Medium - $12.99, and Large - $14.99. 

Changing the shipping cost

If you do not wish to use the global shipping cost, you can change this by going to your product data shipping rule. Remove the line with the global shipping rule and add a new line for your new cost.

4. Order Fulfillment

a. Processing an order

When a customer places an order on your store, you will receive a notification by email.  Log-in to your vendor dashboard and click on the orders tab, then click on the order number to view order details

The orders tab will show you a list of all the orders your store received.  This is where you will find specific details of an order. Fulfill only orders that have order status marked as "Processing".

b. Order Notes and Tracking Numbers

If you wish to send a special note to your customer or send the tracking number of their shipment, you can do so by clicking on the order number and then add the note on the bottom right.  

Be sure to change the default from Private to Note to customer and click add.  An automated email will be sent to your customer containing your note and/or the tracking numbers.
c. Marking Orders as Fulfilled

When an order has been shipped to a customer, go back to your vendor dashboard and mark the order as fulfilled.

5. How to Deal with Out of Stock Items

If you have entered stock quantities in your inventory you do not need to worry about marking items as out of stock.  The system counts down your inventory quantities whenever an order is received.  When stock quantity reaches 0 it automatically marks the item as out of stock and hides it from view in your store.

In cases where you did not enter any stock quantities, want to mark inventory items as out of stock to sync between the Marketplace and your storefront, or simply to remove/discontinue an item from being sold in the Marketplace, please follow these steps:

- Locate the product you wish to remove or mark as out of stock by going to your dashboard.  Select Product>>All Product and click on the product name.
- Under the product Data Module select the inventory tab and unclick Enable Stock Management at Product Level.
- Under stock status, select out of stock.

6. Getting Paid

- To receive payment for an order made through the marketplace, make sure that an order has been both marked as Fulfilled.
- All orders between the 1st and the 30th of each month will be each month will be included for payment processing.
- Payments will be mailed by check to your address on file on or before the 15th of the proceeding month.  

Example: Sales made on January 20th, will be included for processing for all sales covering January 1st to the 30th.  Checks will be sent out on or before February 15th.

Marketplace fees are as follows:

- Selling Fee of 6.25%
- Credit Card processing fee of 2.7%
- Administrative payment processing fee of 1%
Still have more questions? Feel free to contact us.
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