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The secret to retail success is no longer just location, location, location.
Successful retailers must now be visible and accessible online just as they are visible and accessible offline.

This is why we have created a marketplace that provides an opportunity for our retailers to quickly get their products to customers online without the stress of creating and managing their own online store.

Low Fees

To be part of the Mark Roberts Marketplace doesn't cost very much. It cost way less than having your products listed on Amazon or Ebay. Our selling fee's is just 6.25%

24hr Online Store

your online business is always open, so they can shop no matter what time zone they are in. Even better, you don’t have to pay an employee to work during these slower, off business hours since everything the customer needs is on their screen.

Expand Your Market

When you have a brick and mortar store, your target market is limited to those in surrounding areas. Once you move your business online, you have the opportunity to discover target markets you never knew needed your product.

Easy and Affordable

We take care of everything. We upload your products to the store, market it, and collect payment. All you need to do is ship the products to your customer

No Monthly Fees

No Listing Fees

6.25% on Selling Fee

3.7% on Processing Fees


How does it work?
Only retailers with approved Mark Roberts reseller account will be allowed to register as a vendor. If you don't have an account with us you need to first Register an Account. After completing the registration process or if you already have an existing account, you may now register as vendor in the Mark Roberts marketplace.

Now the fun part begins. once your registration has been approved all you need to do is upload your product inventory, set the appropriate prices, taxes, and shipping charge and you're done. We will take care of the rest - marketing your products and collecting payments in your behalf.
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How do I upload my products online
All approved Mark Roberts online vendor will be assigned their own store dashboard. To access your online store dashboard, you need to login to the Mark Roberts marketplace. Once logged in, you can start adding products to your store. When you're done, all the products will automatically show in the marketplace. It's that easy!
How much does it cost to sell on the marketplace?
Mark Roberts charges a minimal selling fee for all successful orders(sale) made through the marketplace. Marketplace fees are as follows:
- Selling Fee of 6.25%
- Credit Card processing fee of 2.7%
- Finance Administrative payment processing fee of 1%
Mark Roberts Marketplace Amazon Professional Seller Amazon Individual Seller Ebay Marketplace
Selling Fee 6.25% 15% 15% 10%
How does shipping work?
Retailers are responsible  for shipping all ordered items in the Marketplace.  You are ultimately responsible for ensuring that purchases are delivered and at the customers location within 7-10 days.

Because shipping is the ultimate responsibility of the retailer, Mark Roberts does not collect any transaction fee for shipping charges.  Shipping charges however will be subject to the Credit Card processing fee and Finance Administrative Fee.

Retailers may set their own shipping rates or use our proposed standard shipping class for some of the Mark Roberts Collectible Category

* Small Fairy or Elf - $12.95
* Medium Fairy or Elf - $14.95
* Large Fairy or Elf - $16.95
* Collectible Santa - $18.95
* Small Witch - $14.95
* Large Witch - $18.95
* Collectible Stocking Holder - $18.95
* Ornaments and Garlands - $ 8.95
* Picks - $ 6.95
How do I get paid?
Once an item has been shipped, you need to login to your vendor dashboard and mark the order fulfilled. All orders marked completed and fulfilled between the 1st and the 30th of each month will qualify for payment processing for the period cut-off. All payments will be sent to your registered address representing the sale for the period on or before the 15th of the succeeding month.
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