House Rules

Policies and regulations that are important to maintain good standing in the marketplace
Keeping the marketplace vibrant
Fees and Payment
Seller fees, taxes, bank transfer fees, and when to expect payment
State and Local Taxes
Your responsibility to collect and remit applicable state and local taxes
What are your shipping obligations
Advertising & Marketing
Policy governing MAP and banner ads
Your responsibilities when sanctions are given
The Mark Roberts marketplace was created to serve as a venue where both resellers and collectors/buyers can connect easily.  By signing up as a vendor in the community, you are expected to:

1.Respect your buyers' privacy.  Never share or distribute private or personal information you may have received as a result of a sales transaction.
2.Respect other vendors of the community.  Never malign or post any advertisements that will interfere with another vendor's business. 
3.Maintain and keep inventory current at all time
4.Deliver ordered items no more than 10 days from the time payment has been confirmed.
5.Reply to customer inquiry promptly and courteously.   
Fees and Payment
Marketplace fees are as follows:

Selling and Processing Fees
For every item that was sold through the marketplace, you are expected to pay a 10.75% selling fee.  The selling fee is computed only on the product item retail price and does NOT include shipping or tax charges.

Klarna Installment Fee 
Customers with order value of $200 and up have an option to pay in 4 equal payment.  Klarna - our payment processing partner for installment plans, assumes the responsibility of collecting this payment from the customer; retailers do not have to wait until an order is completely paid to get paid the total order value.  In return, Klarna charges 5.99% + .30USD for every transaction.  This fee will be in addition to the Marketplace Selling and Processing fee.

Drop-shipping Fee
On the request of the retailer, Mark Roberts may drop-ship an item in behalf of the retailer.  A drop-shipment fee of 10% or $25 (which ever is higher) will be deducted on your monthly commission for the applicable product.

Minimum Quantities and/or assortments will continue to apply on any drop-shipped product.

When to Expect Payment for Sales Generated on the Marketplace

1. Sales Reporting Timeline:
All sales orders that have been marked as "fulfilled" will be eligible for commission payments. This ensures that up-to-date sales data is available for commission calculations.

2. Commission Calculation Period and payment eligibility:
We calculate commissions based on the payments we receive during the payout month, not when the order was placed. If the payment for an order on the marketplace arrives within this month, the sales invoice qualifies for commission payout. Payments received after this period will not be part of this month's commission checks but instead be released on the next commission month.

Expect commission checks for eligible payouts to arrive on or before the 15th day of the month after the payout month. 

To help you understand,

  - Our credit card merchant service usually sends us money within 5 days of you confirming an order as fulfilled.
  - Orders marked fulfilled and payment received within the month of January, the commission check will be issued on the 15th of February.
  - If a sale is marked fulfilled in January but we received payment on February, then the applicable commission check will be issued by March 15.

4. Commission Issuance:
Commission checks are issued on or before the 15th of each month.

5. Payment Adjustments:
In the event of order cancellations, returns, or refunds, the corresponding commission amount for those transactions will be deducted from the commission payment in the subsequent commission cycle.

6. Disputes and Resolutions:
In cases of disputes or discrepancies related to commission calculations, you may direct your inquire to our accounting department.

State and Local Taxes
The marketplace automatically computes for state and local taxes at the vendor's location.  The taxes we collect is remitted to you at the end of the reporting period.  You are responsible to report and pay for any taxes that is due your state and local community.

Tax computations are based on published combined state and average local charges, if you feel that this computation is wrong, please contact us so that corrections can be made. 
Vendors are responsible for shipping items that are sold through the marketplace.  Please make sure that your buyers receive the items they purchased from your store in a timely manner.

1. Detail any or all shipping conditions ( including return policy) in your product listings.
2. Promptly shipped items that were ordered within 10 days, unless specified in your product shipping information.
3. Shipping to a wrong address or delivering to a wrong address may result to a non-delivery and a refund.  To avoid this, make sure that you keep all documentations pertaining to the shipment.
4. When possible, select value-added services such as signature required delivery to ensure that the intended buyer receives the order.
5. In situations where an order does not arrive, be prepared to show a valid proof of shipping. Valid proof of shipping must show that the item actually was shipped and that it was sent to the address provided on your Vendor Dashboard. If a buyer does not receive their order, they may file a case against your shop.
Advertising & Marketing
Advertising and marketing help vendors get visibility within the marketplace.  There are two ways of doing this.

1. Banner Ads 
Banner ads show up on the product catalog page and in the individual product shop page.  This kind of ads are geo-located and will therefore only show within your local or state-wide service area.  

2. Featured Store
Featured stores are a great way of getting exposure outside your local geographic reach.  This is advertised on the home page and get featured on our newsletter and social media platforms.

If you are interested with any of this advertising and marketing avenues, please contact us. 
In order to protect our marketplace and ensure a vibrant community,  sanctions may be imposed on the following circumstances.

A. Banning of your store in the marketplace and/or cancellation of your Mark Roberts Seller Account

1.  Discriminating or refusal of service based on
     - Race
     - Color
     - Ethnicity
     - Religion
     - Gender
     - Sexual orientation
     - Disability
2.  Interrupting another vendors business operations
3.  Repeated non-compliance with the MAP
4.  Posting products in your store other than Mark Roberts
5.  Selling items in your store that you do not hold any inventory.

B. Merchant Fees and/or Transaction Fee will Not be waved if an order on the Marketplace is refund due to an item being out of stock.

Maintaining inventory on items sold on the Marketplace is very important to us.  It keeps the Marketplace vibrant and our collectors happy.  The credit card merchant fees and/or transaction fee will not be waived if an ordered item in your store is refunded due an item being out-of-stock and you are unable to fulfill the order.

If your store is in the habit of canceling an order that cannot be fulfilled an additional 10% can be deducted on your commission
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